Temporary Hard Returns (THRt) in WordPerfect

January 17, 2010 at 6:10 pm

Every once in a while, WordPerfect users find that the program refuses to perform a particular task and instead inserts a mysterious code that looks like so: [THRt]. This instruction, known as a Temporary Hard Return, can’t be deleted, but you can make it disappear — and make your document behave — by doing a few tweaks.

There are a few different reasons WP inserts a Temporary Hard Return code. Usually it means that some code that follows the THRt needs to be placed at the beginning of a line or on a new page.

An obsolete article from the Corel Knowledge Base provides an example that might help clarify how THRt codes work. (Try to ignore the fractured English, which is taken verbatim from the article.)

[THRt] Codes Appear in a Document and Cannot be Deleted
Article ID: 19484
Revision Date: November 02, 1998

Text inserted on a line followed by a paragraph formating code (IE., Table, Columns, etc) cause a THRt codes to appear in a document. This code cannot be deleted.

The THRt code is a Temporary Hard Return Codes. It is a paragraph formatting codes which act the same as [SRt] Soft Return codes. The code was entered by the program because whatever formatting follows that code must appear at the beginning of a line. This is working as designed.

For example: If the word “Test” is typed and a table is created directly after the word “Test” (with the cursor on the same line) a [THRt] code will be inserted after the word “Test.” This is because WordPerfect requires a table to begin on a new line. WordPerfect will remove the THRt code when the formatting is changed or in this instance the table is moved to a new line.

© Corel Corporation

WordPerfect also sometimes inserts a THRt if you type a word that is too long for the space allotted (such as in a narrow column) and you don’t have hyphenation turned on. It might help to turn on hyphenation (Tools menu, Language, Hyphenation, check the “Turn hyphenation on” box, and click OK) or bump the lengthy word down to the next line.

In other situations, changing or deleting the formatting that precedes the THRt code should remove the THRt code — because it no longer has a reason to exist. If that doesn’t help, try inserting a regular hard return [HRt] (by pressing the Enter key) or a hard page code [HPg] (by pressing Ctrl Enter) so that the stray formatting code that is causing the problem moves to the beginning of the next line or the next page.

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