Using QuickBullets (QuickNumbers) in WordPerfect

June 20, 2010 at 2:15 pm

An easy way to apply list-style automatic numbering in WordPerfect is to use the “QuickBullets” feature (also sometimes referred to as “QuickNumbers”). With QuickBullets turned on, WordPerfect converts numbers that you type manually into automatic numbers.

In other words, when you type an Arabic or roman numeral or an upper-case or lower-case letter, then type a period (or an end parenthesis or hyphen), and then press the Tab or Indent key, WordPerfect changes the character into a code and turns on automatic numbering. It also turns the tab into a hanging indent (you can turn the indent back into a tab, however). When you type some text and press the Enter key, WordPerfect inserts the next character in sequence. To stop numbering, press Enter, then immediately press Backspace.

In older versions of WP, QuickBullets could not be used to create multi-level lists.  In recent versions (X3, X4, and X5), you can press the Tab key and Shift Tab to change the level of a paragraph.  (Tab “demotes” the paragraph to a lower level; Shift Tab “promotes” the paragraph to a higher level.)

If you turn off numbering, then want to turn it on again, just type another number or letter, followed by a period (or end paren or hyphen) and a tab (or indent), and continue with your list.  (Every once in a while, numbers won’t increment properly, but that is a relatively rare occurrence.)  Alternatively, click Insert, Outline/Bullets & Numbering, make sure the number type you’re using is selected, then click Resume outline or list.

QuickBullet (QuickNumber) Options

(Choose one from Column A, one from Column B, and one from Column C)


1 (Arabic numeral)
I (Roman numeral)
i (Roman numeral)
A (Upper-case letter)
a (Lower-case letter)

Followed By:

. (Period)
) (End parenthesis)
– (Hyphen)

Followed By:


To turn QuickBullets on, click  Tools, QuickWords, Format-As-You-Go. Under Format-As-You-Go choices (a little below the middle of the dialog box), there is a box you can check to turn QuickBullets on. After doing so, be sure to click “OK” to save your settings.

If your lower-case letters keep turning into capital letters, it’s probably the result of another setting in the Format-As-You-Go tab. Specifically, try unchecking “Capitalize next letter after end of sentence punctuation,” then click “OK.”

Many people prefer to turn QuickBullets off so that WordPerfect doesn’t turn manual numbers into auto-numbered lists. Be aware that leaving QuickBullets turned on can lead to unexpected results. One unsuspecting attorney who was trying to type an excerpt from a deposition transcript, using the standard Q & A format, typed a paragraph beginning with Q., and when she finished typing the paragraph and pressed Enter, WordPerfect inserted the letter R.

You can, of course, also use this feature for bulleted lists, but this tutorial deals mainly with numbered lists because they are more commonly used in legal documents.


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